Adding a new BOQ version to an existing bid

      Adding a new BOQ version to an existing bid

        Article Summary

        You have sent our your bid and then realized that you need to update the BOQ. The ConWize Platform has an easy solution, making sure your contractors are fully aware of all changes and allowing you to update without hassle.

        Once your bid has been sent you are able to add a new version of your updated BOQ by going to the bid overview and pressing: image.png. Choose 'Add BOQ version' and a new page will open with your original BOQ, you are able to edit current rows, delete or add accordingly.

        Once you have finished the new BOQ version you will need to send it out to your contractors again, please note that the status has changed back to 'Not sent yet'.


        The contractors will be notified of the new version only after you press: image.png.