Estimating your BOQ (overview)

      Estimating your BOQ (overview)

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        After Uploading a BOQ and Sending out bid invites, it's now time to estimate your BOQ.
        It may sound like a tiresome task but with the ConWize tools, you can tackle the challenge with ease.
        There are a few ways to estimate, choosing each method wisely can help you make sure that all your costs are accurate and up to date.

        Estimating independently- meaning you add your costs by yourself on the elements of your choice.
        Estimating from a proposal- meaning you choose a specific estimate from a subcontractors proposal that will be planted into your BOQ accordingly.
        Estimating from different projects- if you have a similar project or even a BOQ version that has been estimated, you can import it's costs accordingly.

        In addition, the ConWize system has advanced tools to help you analyse your project smartly. Please see 'Using estimate summary' and 'Using summary by worktype' for further guidance.

        Conwize is the leading construction estimation software for building projects.